Earth Day Awareness

A new day awakens. Arms stretched, eyes blurred, yawning in the first deep breath of the morning. The stillness of dawn in flux settles me. Taking a moment in this sacred hour, with eyes closed, feeling the cool air on my cheeks. Observing pureness in this fleeting yet penetrating moment of understanding, of being one with it all. Behind the void of silence there is a whisper advising me to 'start again'. In that instant I become aware to this separate 'I' I call myself.    Today must not be squandered.  A great responsibility for ones 'own self' that should be taken on bravely, carefully...with wisdom, and so begins the day. 
Today is Earth Day, a day to celebrate the perfection, mystery and the perplexing beauty of our Planet, of our home. A day to understand that this Earth IS home, and like our own homes we need to work at keeping it clean, maintained and protected. For all living things and yourself. 
Let today be a day of resolutions. Take time to contemplate your ideal world. To contemplate what's in your control to help restore this planet.  Nature is constantly working at maintaining balance and harmony, therefore our job is to 'not do'. To eliminate, or at the very least reduce our choices aiding in the destruction in order to give nature time and space to do it's job in balancing. What can we do today? Let me give some simple examples: 
-Use less plastic...this one in a must. 
-Invest in glass jars and reusable bulk and other refillable products
-Reduce your garbage...also a must
-Plant trees...& plants, & food...what about flowers? Get your hands dirty!
-Change your household products to eliminate toxins going into your body, water and soil (which in turn goes back into your body) Look for Non-toxic, natural products that are safe a biodegradable 
-Buy local, in season foods (farmers markets are coming up)
-Use less gasoline...I love big trucks too, but gas is $$$. Make friends and carpool...Public transport is a good time to read, or catch up on emails
-Walk more, Bike more, Run more!
-Use less water...How long do you really need to shower?
-Clean up your environment, see trash...not yours? pick it up anyway!
-Eat less less in general  
-If it ain't broke don't fix it....or replace you really need the newest technology? Clothes? Cars? Appliances?
-Buy used and your style some vintage flare
-Consider renewable energy like solar
-Remember to turn off your lights/fans/heat/air-conditioning if your not around
If you take a look at all these examples you'll notice they benefit the health of the Earth but more so your own health, well being and your pocket. By having a healthy balanced lifestyle you are in turn helping the planet balance and restore. We are apart of this Earth together, simultaneously as a whole. Happy Earth awareness day, lets keep this planet keeping on.