Complete Natural Cleaning Set

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The perfect regimen for deep cleaning your home. Enjoy 3 products for the price of 2 when you purchase our 3 product set, perfect for doing a full deep clean of your home. Conscious Creature complete natural cleaning set includes:

1 bottle of Conscious Creature lemon, eucalyptus and rosemary scented all-purpose cleaner. This product is used to clean all surfaces around your home and has strong anti-bacterial properties with a fresh and natural scent. 

1 bottle of Conscious Creature lemon and peppermint scented mirror cleaner. Not only is this product ideal for mirrors but it also works extremely well for cleaning glass, stainless steal and chrome fixtures such as taps and facets. 

1 jar of Conscious Creature tea tree and rosemary scented degreaser scrub. This product works on those areas in your home that have been stained or caked on with grease or soap scum build up. Use on stove tops, inside ovens, sinks, tubs, counter tops, cupboards, floors, and even walls. This product will scrub almost any stubborn dirt or grease gone.