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If you have been directed to this page and would like to inquire about a cleaning service through Hot Mops Cleaning Services please email the operations manager of the company directly. Include your full name, address, square footage of property and preferred date(s) for cleaning. 
Hot Mops Cleaning Services operations and scheduling Manager: 
Tiffany Reimer 
** Please note that due to high demand and staffing shortages in Whistler your email may not be answered promptly, however, Tiffany is doing her very best at replying to all emails**
As an eco-friendly product we encourage our customers to keep the bottles and jars of our products once empty and request a refill. To order a refill simply scan the QR code on the Conscious Creature container (once emptied) and it will direct you to the page to order a refill.
If you are having technical difficulties please indicate in this form that you are requesting a refill, for which product(s) and we would be thrilled to fulfil your request.
For all other inquiries in regards to Conscious Creature products please fill out the form with any questions and/or concerns.
Coming Soon... Conscious Creature is hoping to partake in the 2022 Whistler's Farmers market with refill stations available at our vendor booth. Once the Farmer's Market kicks off we encourage you to bring your empty bottles to the market for phenomenal discounts on all our products. 


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